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Insomnia, yum

I went to bed at ten and got back up at one. I love my effed up sleep schedule. I probably won't get back to bed until seven. I wonder if Cory's roommate is having another orgy, even as I sit here.

To pass the time, trying to seduce sleepiness back into my life, I am playing on Hot or Not, everyone's favorite BS website! Too bad I use my own ranking criteria.

If I can't see your face, you get no more than a three.
Stereotypical "preppy college boy" pose (beer bong, Abercrombie billboard, etc) you get no more than a five. Usually they get a one
Out of focus, really low resolution, bad lighting no more than a seven
Good hair is a +2 bonus (Is this starting to sound like an RPG?)

Anyone else have a unique way at looking at the HorN pics?

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