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d2d: grrr

I took pity upon Jason and turned his phone back on a couple hours ago.

Congrats, Fantasia. I only saw the very end, but it was nice to see her do her victory lap.

Just watched tonight's Enterprise. Rick Berman and Brannon Braga can kiss my ass. The ending was cheap and weak, and fans deserve better than that. If you want a cliffhanger, give us something reasonable, not trite and already done. Then again, that describes the whole series. knoph came over the watch it with me, and we played the Enterprise version of Mystery Science Theater. Basically, you point out every time the episode borrows a plot twist from some other piece of sci fi. Some quotes . . .
"Are the Ewoks going to dance now?"
"Oh, how very Endgame" (we watched last week's episode, too)
"Look, the Genesis planet, I mean the Xindi weapon, is tearing itself apart"
"Didn't we see this on Star Trek: Insurrection?"
"Instead of blood wine and Gak, we have wine and mice. Yum!"
"Activate the Omega 13!"
"Go Ensign Kim, um, Sato. Yeah, Sato"
I don't care enough to remember anymore. I think I need to forget that Enterprise exists. I really don't want it to cancel, but I need to see better writing.

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