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lj: This time, I really meme it!

Do you remember when I was charting our LJ Family tree? I want to go bigger with this, so I'm creating a meme.

Who told you about Livejournal (credit one person, even if they have deleted)?
I created an LJ after seeing nedrapture's.

Did someone else give you your Invite Code? Give them a shout out as well
I'm pre-invite code, post early adopter. We're the lost generation.

Who did you refer to Livejournal?
kmaust, tick043, coell, rugbynut2, knoph, mister_biv(I think?), steffer71

Did you give an Invite Code to someone not listed above(to help someone out, or for a FOAF?)? These are still available at http://www.livejournal.com/invite
reeselove(I think she's Roy's get), cshoo, gummiberrign, itsamarkio, phcupcake, littleturtle72, libby4eva, princessonie, madmanreturns

end meme

In related news, in about a year, my permanent account will have finally paid for itself! Two years service, plus the approx $20 I got for exchanging unused invite codes, means I have about $30 left until I break even. good times