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phone: Customer Service-an argument for justifiable homicide

Sprint customer service is driving me insane. At this point, we have three unresolved issues with our account, and every time I call for clarification I get an answer that is both incomplete and contradictory to everything told to me by other sprint employees.

1. I just want the plan I signed up for. We chose the 1800 minute plan because;
a. it gave us Add a Phone for free. We know we needed more minutes, and it really was cheaper to go up to the holy-crap-that's-a-lot-of-minutes plan. Which I'm sure Jason will have no problem using.
b. it gave us vision free on my phone
c. it gave us ready link free on my phone.

Sprint is now arguing that b and c are not true. And they aren't true, if we changed our plan after May 15. But we changed it before, and they are trying to pull an obiwan on me (this is not the plan you selected).

2. They decided that Jason's vision service actual only allowed for 47 text messages last month. The other 14 were not included in his plan. Hello! 47? That makes sense, seeing as the vision description says you get 100 messages. I guess 100=47 in some number system that sprint is using.

3. I just want a new phone. I wanted the Sanyo 8200 in red. I can't order it online, and I can't order it over the phone. Because we have two phone lines, the computer interprets a replacement phone as a third line, and we aren't authorized to have a third line. When I clearly explained that I don't want a third line, and ask if there is anyway to overide the computer, I was treated like I was actually trying to pull a fast one and steal a third line of service. I DON'T WANT A THIRD LINE OF SERVICE! Let's review-
When I had 1 line of service I had no problems with customer service
Now that I have 2 lines of services, I've had several problems with CS.
With a third line, I'd probably need inpatient therapy over what CS would put me through. Sprint would probably charge me for coverage outside of my sanity roaming area.

To get to the point of item 3, I went to Global, and bought the 8200 in silver. No pretty red phone for me. I hate to admit it, but the fact that it came in red was a primary reason for my choosing the phone.

Okay, my sprint catharsis is done, I have to prep for my 6 o clock client. Once I get my phone all powered up (I'll tell you when), I want lots of text messages commemorating my new phone!

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