May 29th, 2001

hedwig (by radiocure)

Simple joys, Capstone efforts

One of my major values in life is being appreciated for my knowledge, for being seen as a resource to help other people. Part of this value has surfaced recently as the need to leave a footprint on Central, my mark to be remembered after I have gone. As we gear up for Special Olympics, I feel very satisfied. I, as a returning hall director, get to be the voice of experience for my quad. And I am loving it! Getting to share my previous knowledge with my coworkers, helping them relax about the days to come, I have such a sense of purpose. Life won't be the same for people here after I leave, and that makes me feel good about me. I know some people will rejoice, some will be sad, but people will be affected. What more do we need in life?
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    Grawn lab, I'm humming various show tunes