July 5th, 2001

hedwig (by radiocure)

So I suck at this . . .

I don't even know the last time I wrote, and I forgot to peek at my own journal beforehand so I would know. So anyway, lots of stuff has happened.

I left Central, which was weird. I would feel completely fine one moment, be crying the next, and then say something along the lines of, "I'm finally getting out of this POS town!" I love the emotional rollercoaster that is my life.

I got my tongue pierced! I love it. Most people around me find it disgusting. I lost count of how many times people have said, "I can't believe YOU did that!" or "Did it hurt?"
For the record, yes I did do it, I'm not as white bread as you think I am, and no it didn't hurt, the swelling was just annoying as crud. Anyone volunteering for the first tongue bath with my new toy? You know if you fit the criteria.

So Western training started today. Fire up for new job. I'm not excited yet. I wonder why? For some reason, I have this feeling of dread, like this isn't going to work out, like they aren't going to want me or something. Can't wait for it to go away. I really like the other GAs, the ones I have met so far. I really hope to become good friends with them all.

Going to the Styx concert tomorrow night. Fire up for fun. I hope to have a good time with the people who are going, one of which is the head of Res Life here. But I'm not nervous to be around her like I always was around Grant or Joanie or Shaun, afraid to say the wrong thing. I feel like part of the team here, like I don't have to fight to fit in. In so many ways, I really have come home.

I miss Central, though. This sounds completely egoific, but I miss being the center of attention, not that I really was. But I was a social hub, wasn't I? I miss being with a huge group of friends, all of which I know. I like when I know everyone in a group and get to watch other people get to know each other. That will happen in time here I guess.

I am going to do something completely unlike me, in honor of all of these life changes. I am going to submit this journal without reading it top to bottom first, editing as I go. I promise not to edit the entry later, too. For once, here is an entry unedited, presented in its wild state.

Always love
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