December 14th, 2001

hedwig (by radiocure)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Well, this is about pathetic. My last entry was just when I was starting my job with Western. This entry is being written as I leave Western to return to Central for a semester.
To catch up the breathless fans . . .
I loved Western but the job made me realize that staying in ResLife was a huge mistake. I'm a total burnout, so I've decided to leave before I do myself or others harm. I am returning to CMU for a semester, am going to retake some classes to repair my GPA from the freefall that was my Winter 2001 semester (my cumulative dropped .5; you do the math). I'm pumped, I have my job back at Listening Ear, and I am going to be a regular resident. I haven't been a reslife civilian since Fall 1998!!! I welcome the change.

But who is the person returning? I feel like I have grown so much this year, and I don't think Central is ready for the new me. We'll see. I have declared that the next year is all about self-discovery through action rather than processing. Let's see if I can follow through.

That's enough for now. Maybe if I focus on shorter entries, I will write more.

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