February 13th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Yet another completely gay moment . . . sponsored by yours truly

So, I can't stop looking at the Vera Wang website. What starting as checking out an allusion from QAF, has become a thorough inspection of her entire line.

Her designs are phenomenal. If you can handle it, check these out.
As the website is virtually all Java, I'll have to give you the basic website, and directions from there.
Start Here
Click Bridal
Make sure that the first of the three dots is filled
Select the third and the fifth picture. On the fifth picture, I would lose the bow, but otherwise these two dresses are awesome. I love the subtle use of color.
Click Maids & Flowergirl
1st dot-Picks 2 & 5, especially 5
5th dot-1st pic
Click Ready to Wear
5th dot-Pics 1 & 4
For anyone into chicks still with us, 3rd dot-5th pic is a good nipple shot. The outfit isn't bad either
Didn't really care for the shoes (they may grow on me later)

So that's today's official, "stewart is sooooooooooo gay" moment.

see ya
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Mulling over Mulholland Drive

So I finally got to see this movie. I hate living in a town where we only get good film after it gets nominated for lots of awards. Anyway . . .

I usually don't enjoy movies that confuse me, yet I loved this one. I feel like it gave me all the pieces of the puzzle, I just have to put them together. Except the puzzle is a tangram; I have an overall shape of what the completed picture should be, I just don't know which piece I should start with, which should be the puzzle's foundation. I have to pick one idea from the movie, assume it was the truth, and rationalize the rest of the movie from the context of my truth statement. And I have to use all the pieces. It isn't the correct solution if you don't use all the pieces (for this reason, I hated Tangrams as a child).

Some Questions
Who were the guys in Winkie's? What was their role in the story?
What about the guy with the black book, and the guy behind the glass?

Did the color electric blue(director guys wife's dress, the key, the box. the bow of director guy's glasses after the transition) symbolize truth or realization through the whole movie? Am I way off track?

Were all the numbers in the movie prime? The few I remember are, provided that you consider Diane in Apartment 17 instead of 12. The cab was 163. I don't remember any other numbers used in the movie. If that is the case, and all the numbers were prime, is this my truth statement, giving credence to Diane living in apartment 17, an action that had to have a cause (the police investigation), which would then explain the men at winkie's and Diane's motivation to do what she did. But what about the guy with the black book? Is Camellia that hard to find? Diane would know how to find her. I just don't know. I'll have to see it again to make further decisions.

If anyone has answers to my questions, refutations to my suppositions, or their own theories, please share them with me. It can only help me deepen my understanding of the film.

Fun Times
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hedwig (by radiocure)


My posts now go onto a second page. I have finally written enough to warrant an "earlier entries" button!

I'm so proud
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