February 16th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Best laid plans . . .

So, in an unexpected twist, the Britney movie was sold out! So Katie and I ended up meeting up with Mike, Karlee, Tom, and Amber to see John Q.


I am not a big cryer at movies, usually my eyes just well up. The exception is when I strongly identify with the relationship in the movie. Pet movies, My Girl (to this day, I still get teary from the phrase, "Where are Thomas J's glasses?" Try it on me and see), and currently, movies dealing with the parent-child relationship never fail to make me wail.

This movie was no exception. So I cry reasonably hard in the movie, tear up a little thinking about it afterwards, and PROCEED TO SOB as I call my Dad to tell him that I love him and that the movie made me think of him.

I hope he appreciates being awakened in the middle of the night to be told that his son loves him. I know I appreciate getting the chance to tell him.

I spent too long hiding my feelings from my dad, afraid that if I let him get too close he would see that I was gay and hate me for it. Now, just under two years since I came out to him, we are really seeing the benefits of this new intimacy.

How did I survive all that time without the relationship I have with him now? He is such a strength to me. We may not always see eye-to-eye, but I know he's always on my side.

Well, that's a little more self-disclosure than I anticipated for tonight. I was just looking forward to cheering Britney on in Crossroads.

I wouldn't have it any other way.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

The master of time suckage

no it isn't Troy, even though that is where the quote is from (reality bites)

I am referring to livejournal. I am afraid to total up the amount of time I have spent here over the last week, afraid it might even be more than the time I have spent playing video games.

I may need a 12 step, Maybe I should list that as one of my interests . . .

a bad attempt at humor.

especially since it isn't extremely inaccurate.
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hedwig (by radiocure)


Do you know the spellcheck dictionary for the Win client doesn't contain the word livejournal?

Just an observation
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Weird Romance

It's been too long

Got a new musical tonight, my first since probably Weird Romance (unless you count Hedwig).

It is called 3hree, and it is made up of three short stories, the only common factor is that each story contains a desire or wish for something more (Note: This is my preliminary comparison. Over the next few weeks, I will develop a more thorough opinion.)

It is so classic in its approach, it could have been written thirty years ago. Of course, if it were written 30 years ago, they would have to add a tap number LOL.

I almost pity people who don't understand how magical this experience is, how amazing a great musical is. But, as long as some genre of music has this kind of power over a person, I will be satisfied.
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