February 24th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Holy pile o' music

First, I was excited that Alanis had a release on the 26th

Then, I found out that Lisa Loeb has one too

Now, I find out that Cher's new album is out that day also


Does anyone know of a website that lists all of the CDs coming out on a day?
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hedwig (by radiocure)

The Plot Sickens . . .

So, checking the list that the wonderful mslinds007 gave me, I have now added a fourth disc to my must haves for the week. I think I will wait on Cher, so I can get Alanis, Lisa, and DREAMGIRLS IN CONCERT. I'm so pumped, I love Dreamgirls, it's one of my favorite shows.
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