March 4th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Snow sucks my booty

That's it.

It's official

After today, I am changing my vote. I now prefer summer to winter. Something I never thought would happen. After moving out of western in feet(yes feet) of snow that they refused to come plow, to getting stuck in an alley in downtown Mt Pleasant today, I have decided that the cool weather just isn't worth it.

I hate that it took me a half hour to get my car unstuck tonight, just so I could come check my email (that was my rationale, anyway. Truth is, it had to get unstuck sometime, so I might as well do it now.)

I hate that my feet are soaked

Yup, winter is no longer on my good side.

Summer, I may hate it when you send your mosquito snipers after my yummy flesh, but you have never given me the closest thing I've ever had to an anxiety attack (at Western, details if you want)

Don't worry, Fall, you're still my favorite.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Commercial success

HBO has done it again, given me another commercial to make me teary-eyed. Did you see the "Sunday is . . ." commercial? Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. And so true. They(HBO) have brought me back to sunday night tv. I need to try and tape the commercial. If I could get that one, the "what if there was more to come", and the Olive Fingers commercials on tape, I would be super happy.

Is it a sign of Advanced TV Addiction (I'll use the acronym ATVA in the future) that I now want to tape commercials? Probably.

Speaking of commercials, have you seen the Magic Happens commercials from Disney? They make me cry. So far, I've only seen the one with the glass slipper, and the one with Grandpa's birthday, but they both were sooooo good.

All said and done, it was a good night of tv.

Sopranos has gone into season 3, and I haven't seen any of those episodes
Six Feet Under wasn't completely retooled for season 2. sigh of relief
Queer as Folk felt odd, but it wasn't a completely sucky episode.
Caught part of the Monica special, but I will save that for my next entry.
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Monica, I feel for you

HBO had a special on Monica Lewinsky tonight. Since it was opposite a current TVA(QAF), I had to pass, but will tape it off of HBO Plus tomorrow.

I know that I am not the most politically aware person, but I think I saw enough back when this shit was going on to know that Monica got the royal shaft (pun not intended).

She is not the anti-christ.
She is not "everything that is wrong with America" (aside: Isn't that Rush?)

I watched this guy ask her a question, and by doing so, insinuate that she should be ashamed for causing the Constitution issues that surrounded this situation. He continued to comment that it was shameful for her to make money in this fashion, books, public appearances, etc.
Excuse me???
Monica's actions weren't the cause of the Constitutional crisis. That's all on Billy.
And as for the "make money" bullshit, one has to give a little compassion. This woman, due to the judgment passed on her by virtually everyone in America, will NEVER be able to work in her chosen career field. She's become too controversial to ever be affiliated with politics again. Fire up, Monica, for picking yourself up and making this entire shithouse full of lemons into lemonade for yourself. Hopefully, it's cathartic. You're owed at least that, after everyone in this situation that you had any level of intimacy with took every opportunity they could to fuck you over.

Can you honestly imagine it? It's one thing to be dogged out by an ex-lover and to have a friend spread your business, but to have it happen in front of the world audience?

No wonder she's in therapy. There wouldn't be enough tranqs in the world if that happened to me.

Am I missing some crucial piece of the puzzle? Why does everyone villify her? Did she sleep with Bin Laden? Did she say "invisible" instead of "indivisible" during the Pledge of Allegiance? Did she wear plaid with polka dots? What did SHE do wrong?

Well, I think it's time to put the soapbox away for a while.
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Home, Home is derranged

Ick, using a dial up connection. I feel so soiled.

So, my lovely car made it home. Whether it will make it back to Snowville, is another story.

Can't wait to see my "home" friends. One of them just had bariatric surgery, I hope she isn't feeling too sore. I'll think I'll save that visit when I have lots of energy, just in case she's cranky.
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