March 8th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Is this home? Is this where I should learn . . .

Back in Mt P. It feels like home, for all that I feel that I shouldn't become attached.

It's been a great day. I'm sitting in the woldt lab, trying to catch up on the internet soap opera (haven't checked email in two days=48 MESSAGES EEK!) and in walk two amazing people from my CMU past. We talked for over two hours.

So much for the quick trip to the computer lab. But it was worth it.

Checked my timer recording to see what taped during the week. All but Enterprise taped. For some reason, the eye on the vcr that changes the cable box channel doesn't work well with channels 2-9. Oh well, enterprise will rerun, at least I got the Broadway special off of Bravo and the Monica Lewinsky special off of HBO2 (When did it become HBO2 again? Who hated HBO Plus?).

The Bravo special was okay, with segments that were spectacular. As usual, I thought that Jamie Lynn Sigler and Linda Eder sucked, but even Trisha's version of Someone to Watch Over Me was too fast to be great. Trisha's version of What I Did For Love kicked ass, though, and so did Joan Osborne's version of Time Heals Everything. Great job ladies. Anyone else see it? If you missed it, check Bravo's Web Page for rerun times.

Started playing FFX over break. Loving it!!!

Well, gotta go. I have a major case of Computer Lab Ass since I've been here forever!

Sloppy Kisses to All
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Just an odd thought before I leave

Does anyone else think that Bravo is the gayest channel on TV? They use super cute guys as their models, they used to show this show called Fire Island, that was like a gay version of The Real World(Well a Gayer version, anyway). I really think that gay men are their demographic target. Thoughts?
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