March 19th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

What's tongue got to do with it?

I pierced my tongue my last day as a CMU employee as a sort of tribute. Since I am interviewing for summer desk on Friday, which is the closest thing to a sure bet in this world, I'm wondering if I should take it out. I did it as a rememberance of things past (sorry Proust), but I'm now committed to staying here for my Master's degree. Oh, the quandary.

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Poll #23758 What's tongue got to do with it?

What should I do with my tongue piercing?

Take it out
Leave it in
Go for the 6 gauge (I'm at a 10 already)
Get something else pierced to match (leave comment with what to pierce)

Comments/Thoughts/Piercing Suggestions

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