March 22nd, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Dangerous combinations

I got the "new" piercing today, it looks awesome!!! It is definitely bigger.

I also got to go see My Fair Lady tonight on the big screen. There is an old movie theater downtown, the Broadway, that now shows old movies and some stage stuff, etc. I have been waiting all semester to see it. I used to love going to the Broadway to see "regular" movies (it only closed a year or so ago), and I looked forward to sitting in the balcony again (no, Ryan I will NOT make out with you!). Fun Times, Great Oldies.

Too bad these two events made such an explosive combination.

Since having something approximately twice as thick as the item before it shoved through my tongue is playing hell with my head--sinus crap, low grade fever, slightly swelled tongue--I am more than a little crabby. Then, some twit brings little kids to A THREE HOUR MOVIE, so of course they can't stay still, and, by the end of the movie, they had worked their way from the main part of the theater up to the balcony with me and my friends. I seriously considered throwing them off the balcony.

I'm not kidding.

I have no tolerance when my sinuses ache. As we were leaving, the girls, reunited with the people who should have been watching them, tried to play cute and innocent. I called them SatanSpawn. Not the most original insult, but it was appopriate.

I just took two of my roommate's vicadin, I hope he won't mind. That should kill the swelling, and I should be feeling no pain shortly.

On that note, my crab ass is going to veg in front of the tv until they kick in.

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