April 22nd, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Sigh, personality test backfires

Why can't I get a cool answer! At least it is fairly accurate, sort of. Well, it takes into account the non-people loving side of me, which doesn't surface often. I guess that is a requirement of the inner child, though.

Your inner child is the Newt (PIFC). He or she likes to play in the mud of your psyche, pick your psyche's nose and generally just chew on your psyche's fingers. The result is a tangier, salty you. As a kid you *liked* extra-curricular homework and now the Star Trek DVD's are collecting on the inside of your soul.

Most of your belongings are arranged in ornate piles and mosaic patterns.

Don't be afraid of the sun. Come out of your hovel once in a while-- it's nice out there and there are some nice people to meet. Try and meet people similar to you though, because, let's face it: you are a freak.
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Is it petty of me to sell my soul to the devil to ensure that Cats never has a revival?
I think I feel a poll coming on!

Poll #29296 Soul Searching

Should I sell my soul to Satan, so Cats will never have a revival?

Yes, it is a small price to pay to ensure that Memory will never "live again"!
Yes, It isn't like you have much use for YOUR soul anyway, dirty boy
No, Satan would never go for it as Cats is his most evil deed EVER
No, Cats is the best musical ever! (answering this could seriously effect our friendship)

Just in case I come up short, how much of your soul will you donate to the cause?

Mean: 23.00 Median: 1 Std. Dev 34.87
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So, since I never go to the store, I just found out that TV Guide had 35 star trek covers last week!!!
Of course I'm downloading all the Voyager ones, plus the Borg Queen, Trip and T'Pel, plus a few others

I'm mad at Star Trek, though. I swear they are strategically airing Voyager episodes to prevent me from seeing the seven I have never seen. They keep airing part of an older season, and then they go back and show season seven again. Urgh

I'm not expecting anything, but does anyone have one of these episodes on tape? Some of these are, arguably, some of the best Voyager ever (according to other fans)
Blood Fever
Alter Ego
Someone to Watch over me (Can you believe that I haven't seen this classic?)
Killing Game Parts I and II (I've seen pieces of both)

Maybe that's all the episodes I haven't seen, now that I've seen Unimatrix Zero and Repression. Of course, because I've seen UZ, it's on again this week. sigh
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Under the heading Strange Coincidence

Thumbing through the paper, since I don't actually read it (sorry mslinds007), I am amused by the fact that, on the cover, is a story about the catholic priest in Alma having past molestation issues, and a few pages in, is a full page ad about it being national child abuse prevention month.

Oh the irony.
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Still Drooling

Still looking at the Star Trek covers, and I'm a little urked at how they paired some people up.

Take the DS9 covers. I didn't even really watch the series, and I know that if you are going to pair Kira up with someone on a cover, it should be Odo instead of Bashir. If anyone out of those three should have got their own cover, it should have been Kira. Come on, she's commander of the damn station after Sisko disappears!

They used pics from a photo shoot where everyone was tired. You can tell they did a lot of retouching around most of their eyes. Look at the pics of Janeway, Doctor, Beverly, and Seven, they are the worst of the bunch.

I did like how they paired Denise Crosby up . . . with herself, showing both of her roles as Yar and Sela.

Check 'em out Cool Star Trek Covers
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I didn't have to meet with CoA!!! They were satisfied with the interview with Mahrah!

Joy of Joys

In other work news, Cinderella and Jaws just got a nice drink. I took over the file room sink, and made it the plant spa. I wish I had thought to spray their leaves. Maybe I will do that Wednesday.
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