April 28th, 2002

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so I'm awake now. Quite possibly, the earliest I've been up on a sunday in a long time (except when I work). I was going to go to church(remember that weird dream I had on St Patrick's Day? It's still on my mind) but, since I was going to the Wesley Foundation, I thought it would be weird because it is their last service of the year. Didn't want to intrude on some good-bye god loves you kind of thing.

I couldn't sleep anymore, anyway. My sinuses are giving me hell. I just stood in the shower for a half hour to get them to become bearible. Damn weather is finally getting to me.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

This could be a scene from a teen movie

but it's not. Except for the music, which is completely Dawson's Creekesque, this is way too fucked up.

Sitting in the robinson lounge for the end of the year midnight barbeque, I look around me, the faces are people I know, people I've known, or people that I've just shared a space with for the last semester.

It hits me that, on some levels, coming back to the hall, this hall, was a mistake. I feel disconnected where once I was a god. Or as much a god as an RA ever is. At least I felt some connection with most of the building. For all that I am an outgoing person, most of the people in this room are strangers.

Maybe this will be a positive experience, someday. This has helped me realize how much the RA position meant to me. After the two years and the GAHD position at Western, I needed to remember what there was to love about the job.
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