May 4th, 2002

Weird Romance

Time for a little day bullimia

Lots of stuff happened today . . .
Aaron went home today, which means no computer until I get mine back from my friend's house (I'm using coell's uber-powerful mac to write this). I miss him already. He was a fun roomate.

Saw Spiderman this morning, and, if you read coell's journal, I was one of the MST3K people who she wanted to kill. I couldn't help it. I really did enjoy it, but there were just things that had to be commented on. This isn't a new situation for me, one time, I had a friend threaten to go sit in another part of the theater if I said one more thing (it was What Dreams May Come, which begged to be mocked).

I'm taking my sweet time with packing/cleaning/moving, even though Bridget said I could move early. I could be in my new room right now, if I would get my ass in gear. I like puttering, though. Cynthia is staying the night and has to be up early, so I will get up early to finish. At least it isn't hot and sticky.

For this first time ever, Star Trek: The Next Generation made me cry. Picard field-promoting Wesley made me well up. Fun times.
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