May 6th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Kick ass

So I have my computer back, old and slow, kind of like me. But it feels good, as it sucks to be cut off from you guys, even for a few days.

I really do miss Aaron and not just his killer laptop that I used all semester. Really. Don't I sound sincere?

Of course, now that the semagic client is outlawed, I had to look for a post in lj_nifty that I remembered, because it listed semagic mirrors. It's in my memories if anyone wants it. Go for the list at the very bottom of the post, it has the installers, too.
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    Sunset Blvd (but only because Faith Hill finished and this was the next disc in)
hedwig (by radiocure)

Trial Separation

S & M are spending the night apart, for the first time since I've adopted them. S is on top of the tv, and M is on top of the computer.

S & M are my two houseplants, which makes it even weirder since I talk about them like they have minds. Most days, I think they are more intelligent than I am. Not a bad life, sit around, listen to music, sunbathe, get fertalizer.

This isn't a permanent arrangement. I bought them together, they are a set (hence the names), they will have a home together in my new room, as soon as I decide where it is.
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