May 8th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Woo Hoo

For the first time ever, my stats balanced on the first try!!!

Outside Contact may suck my ass, but today it was in a good way.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Sigh, this is good

Leaving Res

In 7 days, this will all be over. No more frisbee tag in the snow... no more 3am visits.. no more boat trips, pub crawls, or paint ball. The horn will be slienced, and the shark returned home. Everybody will separate and go back to their friends and family they left in September. Late night chats will turn into scatter phone calls, and random icq messages. E-mails will not only be used for forwarding funny pics, but for filling each other in on what is happening in our lives. In seven days there will be no more ordering pizza at 2am just for fun. There will be no more food fights in the dining hall, (even if all they consist of are a few fries and fruit-loops). In seven days, the choices for supper will be much simpiler and probably better, but we will miss steak nights oh so much, just because. There will be no more bed flipping, no more breezeway and no more 'just hanging out'. We will not have to unlock our room with a key, and leaners will be nonexistant. Beer for $1.00 will be a thing of the past, and parties will end around 12, instead of just getting started.
The people we've spent the last eight months with will be leaving us and sadly, some aren't returning. In seven days, when we go to bed the silence we once longed for will now be deafening. Once our doors are shut, they are shut. No late night visits from someone who wants to chat. No one drunk will come in and wake you up.
In seven days, washing clothes will not consist of quarters and condoms. Going to supper will no longer consist of having to go outside. A trip to the store won't be half as fun, and 59cent hamburger nights will be meaningless.
In seven days our lives will change and it will be very hard to leave everybody. But if I had to do it all over again I would. I could not ask for a better group of friends then you guys and I will miss you lots. :{ Can't wait for next year.
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