May 10th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Advice from an unlikely place

Until tonight, I wasn't especially keen on the computer tarot readings, preferring to handle the cards myself.

Like I said, until tonight. I just had the most amazing reading from (I've talked about the site in the past). If you want to check it out, let me know. If I send you an email invite to the site, I get goodies!!!

For mother's day, they were offering free readings in their self-healing and family categories. I went for the full self-healing analysis. It hit on so many issues for me right now, continuring my education, my problems at work. It also went a long way to helping me feel comfortable where I am right now. I printed it out so I can try to remember the insights it gave me.

p.s. to check for "accuracy", I pulled out the thoth deck I'm carrying with me now (I usually have a deck with me, for the last few months, it's been the Thoth, please don't run from me in terror) and cut it, with the idea that a card from this spread should turn up to give this reading credence. and it did, I cut to the five of swords, which was the fifth card in my reading. Mathematically, there was a 12.8% chance that I would cut a card from my reading, but I am still amazed..
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Talk about a self-esteem boost

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

You are the epitomy of what every man should be. What sets you apart from the other men of rank and nobility is you combine every best quality they possess into one. You are skilled, motivated, ambitious, filled with a sense of purpose and morality. You know when to relax and have fun and when to be serious and courageous. You seek peace, prosperity and love in your life, and as a ruler, you seek it for your kingdom. Others follow you because of your ability to move them, and because you earned their respect. You are admired, even envied, but above all else, greatly loved.
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Mission: Complete

Operation Woodchuck was a success. Roy and I successfully "borrowed" a trunk full of wood from people who had an abundance. Bonfire is on baby!!!

Note to tick043-Now, instead of being on tractor watch, I'm trolling for wood. I know every stockpile within 40 miles south of town. Recon on north sector may begin tomorrow.
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You take the good, you take the bad

No, this isn't a bad plug for the facts of life.

They turned off the campus boilers for repairs today. Power is turned off briefly tomorrow.

Bad Side---No hot shower until Sunday. Ugh
Good Side---The heat is finally off. Hopefully they won't turn it back on!