May 12th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Heaven on earth

The London production of Cats closed.

Who's up for celebrating!?!

It finally died! It took me how many years of birthday candle wishes to make this happen?

P.S. There are still 18 productions worldwide. Keep your fingers crossed
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hedwig (by radiocure)

A twilight zone moment (not really)

So, Amy Jayne stops to see me before she goes to bed, and I find out that, instead of being here keeping me company while I clean/unpack/organize my room (Mikey moves in tomorrow), she is off playing with mslinds007 and mojomuze!

Beware, ladies, of the upcoming custody battle. I get Amy Jayne on the weekends! Now I have images of Stretch Armstrong (but with Amy Jayne's face) in my head.

Here comes the twilight zone part. What am I doing while Amy Jayne is off playing with mslinds007? Playing Collapse! Damn you, Lindsay, with your distractions (not that it takes much to distract me from cleaning/unpacking/organizing).

Back to work, for a moment at least!
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hedwig (by radiocure)

What! Call me Al Gore, but I want a recount!!!

I'm a C- gay man! This can't be

How Gay Are YOU?

I, who know the lyrics to more musicals than anyone in the state of Michigan?
I, who can have a "serious" discussion on hair care lasting more than five minutes?
I, who can tell the difference between beige, ecru, and buttercream?

It's true, I can perform basic car maintenance, and can basically name any power tool (well, the important ones anyway), but that doesn't mean I deserve a C- ! I grew up in the country, where this kind of knowledge comes standard.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

LJ, you have so many ways to amuse me!

I'm now an official Poll Whore. I need to have coell come up with an icon, like the SPLI thing.

Just go here
Where the #s represent a number (they are up to 33330 or something like that)

Poll 1 is fun, so is 2546. Not that I explored them sequentially, not even I am that bored.

NOTE: I'm not a Pole Whore, so I won't be dancing for you all (at least not sober)
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Family Feutile

Richard Dawson is a racist!!! He doesn't kiss the black women!

Yes, once again, I'm watching GSN, the best time on television. I just realized how far we've come since the seventies, the survey was "How do you protect your car from being stolen?" One of the answers was Take Keys. We're we that naive in the 70s?

Once again, Richard Dawson fondling the women makes me feel dirty. Ewe
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