May 27th, 2002

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Insomnia won't be keeping me up tonight

So, I saw Insomnia tonight as the CFX movie, About a Boy, was sold out.

This movie is not a thriller like the previews make it seem. It's a story about the human condition, and, as such, it was okay. American Beauty was a better example of this genre, but it was passable, even if it was a little too "formula" for my taste.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

a different kind of quiz

Is this me?
Primary Ability:


Empaths posess the ability to feel the emotions of others. They are gentle people, who encourage and nurture others. They percieve the world with their hearts and not with their minds. Empaths make great friends because they understand people.

Secondary Ability:

Healers are gentle people, gifted with the ability to heal others with the strength of their own minds. They can examine a person's body and aura, helping them to recover from injury or sickness. Healers never put themselves first, and can be generous to a fault.

What is your Misfit Talent?
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