June 27th, 2002

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I'm trying to just say no to quizzes, but my name was cool

Hero Guild Name

Villains fear me.

Heroes envy me.

stewart thomas hadley jr is...

The Astonishing

Now, it isn't as good as The Spoon, which we know is my real power name ! (has anyone not heard the spoon story?)
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This is too cute to not do

Use Google to search for your first name followed by is . . .
Yeah it's a fad but some of these are highlarious (in my best Ross Perot voice). I tried to cut it down to ten, but had to settle for my top fourteen.

14.Stewart is one of the town's best, and most popular facilities.
I've been considered an "institution," but a facility?

13.Stewart is A STUD
Quit laughing, it gets better.

12.Stewart is the Modern-Day Proust

11.Stewart is the king of initially obscure, ultimately compelling conceptual art.
Obscure, me?

10.Stewart is a cult of contradictions.
Acolytes wanted

9.Stewart is an outstandingly talented young writer who tells good stories and creates vivid, compelling characters.
sigh, someday

8.Stewart is among Hollywood's most highly honored and deeply loved men.
Geesh, now who sounds like a size queen?

7.Stewart is in my Air Vent!
I was framed! But on an unrelated note, you have lovely legs.

6.Stewart is evil and I can prove it.
What? Have you found the bodies?

5.Stewart is a tough guy.
Compared to who? Gilbert Godfried?

4.Stewart is a workaholic and a control freak.
Oh yeah, this one's true. I'm writing this entry while I'm supposed to be working

3.Stewart is a pretty good-looking woman.
Never having tried drag, I'm uncertain of the truth in this statement

2.Stewart is a global star through his role in Star Trek.
Please come true, please oh please

1.Stewart is the Anti-Christ
There were doubts?

A big thank you to Martha Stewart, Jimmy Stewart, and Jon Stewart, without who, none of this would have been as funny
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Travelogue --- Home

It was an interesting five days. Here are the highlights.

The Wedding: I actually enjoyed the ceremony more than the reception. It was the pastor's second wedding of the day and his second wedding ever, but it was honest and intimate. It is my second favorite wedding ever, even though it was still too misogynistic for my taste.

Mom: She's doing great, but she's still feeling weak. She had a follow-up yesterday. I have to call her later to see how it went.

Dad: We had some great one-on-one time. He told me stories of his life, which I will probably spend the next year processing. My parents lived dramatically different lives BM (before me), and it's hard to wrap my mind around some of the things they lived through.

Dad's Birthday: Great time! Lesa and Briana (step mom and sister) were at church camp, but the rest of us had dinner with all of Dad's other "kids," including the ex-step children. If was weird but a good thing for all of us. The oddest thing for me was that the person I talked to least of all was my biological brother, Kristoffer. I know it may seem prickish, but I can't let him back into my life right now, he's done too much damage.

And the rest: I got to spend time with Angie and Gordon which was great. I also still can't go anywhere in Battle Creek and not know someone. Steph and I went to Bill Knapp's for lunch, and I saw people I worked with at BCAMSC. Cue It's A Small World After All. I gave in and bought the OCR of Thoroughly Modern Millie, I have to listen to it more before I offer an opinion.

Dee buh dee buh dee, that's all folks
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The secrets of my LJ ancestry

Generation Zero has been found! My LJgenology is traced back to its roots, to one who found LJ on his own.

Check it out

0: cynosure
1: mojomuze
2: nedrapture mslinds007
3: hapgood quelita freshdanid
4: coell tick043 kmaust rugbynut2 mister_biv knoph steffer71
5: annienialle curlycutie gmpathfinder
6: runjonny

Wow! Zach is a Great Great Great Great Grandfather! quelita must be soooo proud.

Since some of us are pre-creation code, I'm just considering who told me and my forebears about LJ. Copy it and fill in the rest, I know everyone else will fit in somewhere.

If you aren't a part of this family, what does your chain look like (this is not a solicitation for porn (that's what email is for(grin)))?
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Happy Birthday, norsican! My Photo-taking, hanging out with beautiful boys, buffing up on the Total Gym, drinking like a rock star, LJ buddy!
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Major oversite

mister_biv just pointed out a glaring error in my interests

I never listed DOOZIE'S as an interest! Where did I go wrong?

Problem solved.

mmmm, doozie's

PS I also added "men who drive shirtless" and "shirtless male drivers" as they are my current obsession.
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