July 3rd, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Ohana means Family

. . . and family means never being left behind, or forgotten.

Yup, I saw Lilo and Stitch tonight. I loved it. I could have sobbed in a couple of parts, but chose to choke it off.

So, to my LJ family, I just want to say I'm always here for you, and no matter where we may end up, I will never forget you.

With that said, does anyone have a copy of the L&S soundtrack, or have found it on the internet? I just want the song at the beginning with the man singing. If you have it, can you ICQ it to me, or something? If I have to, I'll even download AIM to get it (shudder).
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Do I exude a psycho pheromone?

No, really, do I? I think work must hang a sign that says, "Hey, Stewart is working, if you're potentially violent, come on in!!!"

I had another psycho walk-in at work today, and the truly ironic thing was that I was done working. As usual when my supervisor replaces me on the phones, I stayed to chat with her, so when psycho-guy-who's-wife-was-in-a-shelter shows up, I got to deal with him.

I'm getting a reputation for being able to deal with problem walk-ins. Dammit, I think I liked it better when people didn't think I was intimidating. I wonder how I can work that into my resume . . .

In other news, I got my first Hall Director paycheck today! Rock! I made a huge dent in my fall rent. A couple more, and I can start putting money into my car, or better yet, a better car. I hate being stressed out while I drive, because I'm worried my car will do something funky. I know annienialle is feeling me on this issue.

Well, since I'm awake now, I guess I should do something productive, like shave and shower. Vanessa emailed my roster for VB Setter/Hitter too, so I guess I can get that done before I go to work too.
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