July 16th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)


Somebody add Red Hair to their list of interests. It happens to be at exactly 1000, the limit before it becomes "several people have this listed"

Let's push it over! Succumb to Peer Pressure!
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    cynosure's awesome midsummer mix
hedwig (by radiocure)

Perfect morning song

cynosure is awesome.

This cd is great, Track 10 is the greatest morning song! Driving west down High Street this morning, the haze and the sunrise making everything glow, listening to perfect lyrics . . .

Cardboard masks of all the people I've been
Thrown out with all the rusted tangled dented God-damned miseries

Hell Ya!
I swear I've heard this song before. Was it in a movie?

. . . and a fun fact that Zach will enjoy. More LJers like Dashboard Confessional more than they like men or water.
dashboard confessional 11195
water 11003
men 10875

So much for my hierarchy of needs. Maslow be damned.
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    cynosure's midsummer night's jam
hedwig (by radiocure)

Check it out!!!

I finally created a style. I needed to practice, so I made a Voyager style. Don't groan, I don't plan on keeping it long. It's kind of hard to read with the busy background, but at least I know how to do it now!!!

Notice the color scheme; ops, command, and science are represented. Yes, I am a dork. I'm such a dork, I experimented until I got the perfect ops color with the color maker that mslinds007 told us about months ago (I had to go rooting through Lindsay's old posts to find it)

Check it out at my user page: hapgood

Yup, I worked today. I spent all day listening to the CDs that mslinds007 and cynosure made, played with my journal, and answered the phone when I felt like it. Time to go home!