July 19th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

mister_biv's song thing

the song that...

...reminds you of an ex-lover: Anything by Barry Manilow (shudder)
...reminds you of an ex-friend: Violent Femmes-Blister in the Sun (is that the real name?)
...makes you cry: Joshua Kadison-My Father's Son
...makes you laugh: She Loves Me(musical)-Ice Cream
...makes you wanna dance: Anything Janet Jackson
...makes you wanna sing: everything Rent(musical)-I'll Cover You reprise
...reminds you of the one you love: Secret Garden(musical)-A Bit of Earth
...you wish you wrote: Anyone Can Whistle(musical)-Everybody Says Don't (it's why I'm hapgood
...you never want to hear again: TLC-Waterfalls
...you want to get married to: Anyone Can Whistle(still a musical)-With so Little to be Sure of
...makes you feel cheesy cool: Will Smith-Summertime
...makes you dream of your perfect lover: The Last Five Years(musical)-The Schmuel Song and Joshua Kadison-Painted Desert Serenade
...sums up your teenage years: Anyone Can Whistle(yup, still a musical)-Anyone Can Whistle and Songs for a New World(musical, well a revue anyway)-I'm not afraid of anything
...you like to wake up to: CeCe Peniston-In the Mood (I used to call it my happy morning song)
...you like out of your parents record collection: Crytal Gayle's Greatest Hits, all of it
...makes you feel nostalgic: it's cliche but Greenday-Good Riddance
...one you love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend: Virtually anything off of cynosure's awesome mixed CDs
...you love the video more than the tune: Enrique Iglesias-Hero (because he dies!!!)
...reminds you of your first crush: Eurhythmics-Missionary Man (he wanted to become a priest)
...you love which is from a favourite movie: Aimee Mann-Wise Up (Magnolia)
...makes you think of the moon: Trisha Yearwood-Lying to the Moon
...makes you think of stars: Twinkle Twinkle? I'm drawing a blank.
...makes you think of the sun: God forgive me for saying this, but it was the first thing that came to mind. Cats(musical)-Memory (I'm so ashamed)
...makes you think of the night: Les Miserables(musical)- On My Own
...makes you think of sex: R Kelly-Bump and Grind
...makes you think of being alone: Romance Romance(musical)-the night it had to end
...makes you think of romance: West Side Story(musical)-Tonight

How syncronistic. Good Riddance just came on the radio at the desk. OooWeeOoo.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

To everything, turn, turn, turn

There is a season, and I'm ready for the conference season to be over. It hit me yesterday that I'm worn out, ready for my life to go back to some normal pattern, ready to sleep in the same bed for more than three days at a time.

While it hasn't been the best conference season I've ever had, it has been very fulfilling. I don't feel as close to everyone as I used to, but it is to be understood, as I'm not really a desk worker/counselor anymore. I may work the occaisional shift, but, more often than not, I'm their boss, and they treat me accordingly. There have been some great moments, though, like getting to know Roy (mister_biv) better, Scotty taking my drunk ass for another car ride(somehow I have to figure out how to up the frequency of those. One a summer just isn't enough), meeting mslinds007 (not conference related, but still).

My mind is turning toward fall, thinking about my first apartment, wondering about how one turns on utilities, what it will be like to actually have a kitchen where I live (instead of down the hall, or downstairs!).

To quote the Carpenters, we've only just begun.
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