July 27th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)


Saw Goldmember last night, but I guess kmaust already told y'all that. I enjoyed it, but found it the weakest of all three films. He He, I just referred to the Austin Powers set as Films. Anyway, it was cute, loved the cameos, especially Britney and the Osbournes. Since I keep saying "Shazam" and adding "Sugah" to the end of my phrases, I guess I liked it. This is the first time they set the movie up for a sequel, it's almost begging for it.

I'm chillin', literally(the air conditioning is set on cryogenic preservation) at the Crisis Center until midnight. I have to make my roster for men's basketball camp tomorrow, but other than that, I ain't doin' $#!t (okay, I think the ghettospeak moment has passed). Visitors welcome (we can watch a movie or something). Hey, it's free AC, I'm not above buying my friends.
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hedwig (by radiocure)


I just had the greatest idea for my next photo project (tick043, quit hiding, I know you loved Tractors and Meijer)! It hit me while I was replying to something gamesiplay wrote to me.

I need three friends to take a road trip with me to Christmas, Michigan(it's on the coast of Lake Superior). We dress in "bar" clothes and take pictures of us in groups of three around the city. The name of the project? Ho Ho Ho! This may be my goofiest idea, to date.

I'm serious, we'll take a weekend this fall and roadtrip through the UP. Who's with me? Maybe we should ask Ryan to go, since he has the best car and is the biggest Ho we know.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Good to know, and a poll

Did you know that there is a tradingspaces community on lj? Check it out!

Also time for a public opinion poll.
Poll #49571 Getting to the Point

Do I use the exclaimation point to much in my posts?

Yes!!!!!! Quit it!!!!!!!!
Yes, but since you speak in !s, it's okay
I don't believe in punctuation, so I won't dignify this poll with a response.