August 11th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Escape velocity and the remains of the day

I checked out of the residence hall today.

I haven't lived outside of a residence hall since 1999, and that was only for a period of four months.

But oh the places we went. As a residence life employee, I learned more about my self, more about life, that I ever had before. My facades were torn away, often quite painfully, but their destruction let me build a me that is infinitely more stable.

I hope that, in the end, I will decide that it was worth it, that all the pain was worth the cost. Maybe someday I'll stop having the urge to slap people who say, "Wow, I want to be an RA. Free housing rocks!" I've never worked so hard for something "free" and I doubt I ever will again.

Part of learning your limits is also learning your worth.

I'm brain dead from watching TV today. It started with The Joy Luck Club, my favorite movie (I am so June, even though I get pegged as Waverly sometimes!), but then went down from there. The Mexican, followed by The Real World lost season movie, followed by an hour of Undressed. Just kick me in the head and kill the three braincells I have left.

Has Undressed actually become worse, or am I just too old for it now? I used to enjoy it; now, I feel the need to create a compulsion to cleanse myself. Some of the boys are gorgeous, though.
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