August 17th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Miller Time!!!

An appropriate title for my two thoughts

1. I finished my last desk shift at 4am this morning. I'm no longer affiliated with Residence Life in any way. Until next year, maybe (who knows where I'll be in a year?).

2. My Miller Analogies Test scores came!!! I either got a 61 or an 81(fuzzy carbon printing), but given that it put me in the 79th percentile, I'm assuming I got a 61. Supposedly, anything over a 50 is considered great, so we'll see. I hate taking Graduate School standardized tests; I've never placed out of the Nineties in percentile rank until I started on the GRE and so forth. I try to tell myself that it's a whole other ballgame, that this is my rank among the most educationally-oriented people in the world, but I still see a placement in the seventies as bad. "I got a C! I'm not a C person!!!" I'll get over it.

So in review . . .

MAT-61(not bad for only figuring out 70 and guessing at the other 30 before time was called)

--Analytical-780 (still trying to figure out how I pulled this one out of my ass)

GRE Psych-??? November 9 Baby!!!

Is there ever an end to standardized tests?
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