August 19th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Guess who has new userpics!?!

I do, I do. I used my roommate's scanner, so I now have actual pictures of me up, plus some of my favorite photos.

Go to my pics page to check them out!

Some of you may recognize . . .

The picture of the sign that I jumped out of the car to take when coell and I stopped in New Buffalo on the way to Chicago.

One of the few pictures of me taken the NIGHT OF THE DEVIL'S REVENGE WING (I love Ang, but I have to be way drunk to kiss a girl)

Stewart, the pumpkin king.

Me, the summer I shaved my head(wow my ears are big without hair to balance them out)

Me flipping off Jesus (taken by tick043)

I still have to post the one of the door at the abandoned mental hospital, my favorite place on earth.

God I wish I could have more than ten pics. Can anyone tell me how to make one of those changing pics? I want to make one of the Voyager cast, some friends, and the HBO Sunday night.
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Mental Hospital (reflection)

Better late than never?

November 1

Mahrah plans on leaving November 1. Well, she's mostly sure that she's leaving November 1. I wish she would commit, either way, to staying or going. I'm not sure if I even want to be the Crisis Center Coordinator, anymore. Part of me thinks I should just cut my losses and leave in December, like I plan on doing if Mahrah decides not to leave. I'm as indecisive as Mahrah is.

She doesn't even plan on talking to her supervisor about it for a while (which means this is on the downlow).

In other news, Academic Advising is hiring two advisors. I wonder if I would have a shot?
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