August 26th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)


Sorry I didn't respond to email/journal yesterday. I think my roommate broke the cable modem. EEK! I had to wait until I was back at work to check stuff.

Movie was great!!! Kind of slow, but very funny.

I was interrupted TWICE during Sex and the City so I didn't really get to enjoy the experience. I will be shutting myself in my room tonight to watch it, sans interruptions. It's funny, though, now I've snapped at both of Jason's parents on the phone. If they both didn't already know me, they would probably think I'm the anti-christ. Sorry, I have little patience for phone games, especially during one of my favorite TV shows.

Hysterical Blindness was not my kind of movie. I don't do well with movies that start depressing and only get worse. Call me escapist, but I like movies with some shred of happiness.

Wish me luck. It's Monday, the worst day of the workweek at Listening Ear!
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