September 6th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)


Things going through my mind . . .

Do I need to worry that my grad application is still on the Assistant Dean's desk? I put on my concurrent status request that I only planned on taking one grad class, and ended up registering for two. I really hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

I need to call my Longaberger lady and ask her if I can have another week before I close my show. I haven't worked enough business hours to guilt my coworkers into buying overpriced handmade baskets from Dresden, Ohio.

Do I need to worry about coell? She said she would be coming up Thursday, and I've heard nothing from her. Where are you, sweetness? I may have to put my computer together to look up her cell phone number.

Should I withdraw from Disney films? At this point, since I would have to withdraw(different from dropping a class), they wouldn't consider me a less than halftime student. It just means I'm throwing away more money. What the hell, I don't need the credits to graduate, I'm throwing away the money anyway. I think I'll wait and see, but it is currently my least favorite class, even though I have it with awesome people (mister_biv, Theresa, my roomates Jason and Laura, and Laura's sister Sarah). I'm actually liking ENG 201, more than I ever have before (shut up, ROY!).

I love the smell of my hair today, as my new stylist, Kim (Gaylen I miss you!!!) used different product than what I use at home.

My tour today kicked ass!!! I have given tours to twelve people. As tomorrow is CMU and You day, I expect this number to at least triple.

Wow, I really am thinking about nothing. Nothing of importance, anyway.
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