September 13th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

T-minus eight hours

steffer71 and my trip to New York couldn't come at a better time. Where the hell is Kingston, anyway? Dad says there is this really cool antique store we have to stop at in Niagra, on the Canada side.

I need to buy dress shoes before we leave town, or somewhere en route. When I moved, I threw the old ones out.

Nothing like driving twelve hours, one way, just to go to a wedding. Steph and I get along really well in the car, though. It will be fun, and will hopefully clear my head and get me moving again. I did nothing but lay in bed, pet the cat, and finish reading my book yesterday. I went no further than the mailbox. Oh look, it's my mother's coping strategy!!!

Bon Voyage, Mt. P. I'll see ya Monday night.

SPECIAL NOTE: I'll be back Monday, so if people are planning on coming over to watch the Sopranos, you need to get my apartment key from me today, before 5p. It comes with a price, though. The roomates will be gone Saturday and Sunday, too, so you will have to come over and play with Monette also. Not that that is a terrible burden or anything, just be aware that I won't be held responsible if he draws blood (he was feisty this morning!).
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