October 9th, 2002

Kissing Angie (Drunk)

The return of that guy!

I made a fool of myself at the bar last night. Who's surprised? Jason and Mike told me I wouldn't dare throw my beer at them, and we know what happens when that happens (right, cmujimmy?). So, after I threw my beer (just the liquid, not the glass), and hit Michael, he grabbed his drink and poured it on Jason, who picked up Kate-MeLynda's drink and poured it on Mikey.

Fun times, kind of.

We didn't get thrown out, even though a bouncer came over to see what had happened. Mikey said he spilled beer on himself, while Jason and I tried not to laugh hysterically. I can't believe we're all together again. This is going to be fun, or we'll all end up dead.
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Fruit Stand (Gay)

Stolen from ombraorsa

1. If a movie was made of your life, which famous actors/actress or otherwise well-know celebrity would most appropriately be cast to play yourself, your immediate family and 5 good friends?

Me:Not Al Franken! I'd vote for Janeane Garafolo in drag
Dad: Al Pacino
Lesa: Marcia Clark (on the cover of MC's book, she looks just like Lesa)
Mom: Anne Bancroft
Saunder: Lea Delaria, as she's a bit of a stereotypical diesel dyke
Kate: The love child of Velma from Scooby Doo and Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory
Stephanie: Lisa Rinna (as her character from Melrose Place)
Roy: Mr Snuffleupugus
Mahrah: Reese Witherspoon
Katie M: Avril Lavigne

2. Let's say "The Powers That Be" offer you a chance to transfer 'you', your mind/personality/experience/knowledge/skills/maturity/etc to a younger time of yourself. The full 'Karmic Transfer' to younger time of 'you'. Would you do it? What age?

I think I would go back and start over from my freshman year of high school, if not earlier.

3. According to unconfirmed sources, this is one of the formulas to concatenate your secret Porn Star name:
First name: The name of your first pet. Last name: Your real middle name.
What is it?

Hammer Thomas

4. If you knew and could not change the exact moment of your death but could choose the manner and circumstances, what would they be?

Quick and painless. Since I knew when it would happen, I would make sure I'd had plenty of closure moments with those I love.

5. Let's assume human kind has vanished from the planet (migrate out into space, died out, transcended, killed each other off, whatever). A new sentient life is foretold to evolve out of the remaining species. Which one would you choose if the choice was yours to make?

Lemmings, they know how to control their population

6. From science fiction shlock, what sci-fi technology would you have made real and available to humanity (if any)?

Transporters. Goodbye harmful petrochemical pollution!

8. You've been imprisoned in a pocket dimension that takes it's motif/themes from a painting. Which painting is it gonna be?

Sunday on Le Grand Jette by Seurat. Thanks to Sondheim!

9. Circe the island sorceress has captured you and is going to turn you into an animal. You'll retain your sentience and intelligence, but you will be stuck in the animal shape for the rest of your life. You get to choose the animal. What'll it be?

Some big cat, probably a tiger.

10. She changed her mind. Now it's going to be a musical instrument but you still get to pick. What'll it be?


11. Name your all time favorite fictional villain/bad guy.

Borg Queen (preferrably Susanna Thompson)

12. Favorite fictional hero/protagonist.

Elspeth from Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books ("the adept! and your better, bitch!)

13. You are given one evening of dinner and conversation with one person from history. Who will it be?

Hmm, the Marquis de Sade, but do we have to talk?

14. One weekend of wild monkey sex with the celebrity of your choice. For fantasy sake, the circumstances and time frame in your life has/had it occur in a period in which such a deed doesn't mess with any relationships. It's an ideal fantasy scenario. Who is it?

If I have complete temporal freedom, George Peppard, circa when he did Breakfast at Tiffany's

Well, that was fun.
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Kissing Angie (Drunk)

&$^*&#!@() MSU email

My email is driving me crazy! I couldn't access my email for over eight hours today (equivalent to several lifetimes in email years), and, when it does finally decide to work, it's slower than a snail vibrator.

Is the new CMU system nice? If so, I'll forward everything there.

P.S. I had to use my drunk userpic, because I forgot to use it on my bar entry.
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