October 22nd, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

A day in the life

Today was good. Today was very good.

tick043 wasn't feeling good, so we skipped Yoga.

But other than that . . .

I got a 100% on my Theories midterm! I got it done so fast, that I had time to stop and see mister_biv and to see how tick043 was feeling, but both of them weren't home or asleep.

In Theories tonight, we talked about Ellis and REBT. I never realized how strongly Cog-Beh I am. We were presented with some new criticisms of the theory, and when Dr. Fox asked for class opinions, I found myself defending the theory to my classmates, shooting holes in their arguments against it. I may have found my theoretical foundation. Of course, I have some modifications to make, in deference to Jung and the Humanist theorists.

Monette had another bath tonight. His beautiful self is having a nap on the couch at present. God he's pissy when he's wet, and he hates the hairdryer with a passion that I reserve solely for fundamental christian republicans.

I work at Midnight, guess I'll straighten the living room and kitchen before I go.
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