November 6th, 2002

Jesus and the Bird (religion)

and on the political note . . .

Voting today wasn't bad. I didn't want to go to the Mt P high school as it is HUGE, but they put up really good signs so I could find my way in and out of the maze o' learnin.

Can we do the Ding Dong Jesse Helms is Gone dance yet? Do we have to wait until January?

I'm off to bed, such that it is while I'm at work (yum, sofa!). I brought the Season 2 finale of SFU (which also has a couple of QAF eps on it) to lull me off to sleep.

Goodnight, kids
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Should we just let Life Happen?

Does Tammy Cochran's song, Life Happened, depress the hell out of anyone else?

For those who don't listen to country Collapse )

Reading the lyrics, it doesn't make me as sad, but the video usually tears me up (I really have to set the TV to some other channel than CMT to wake me up. VH1 doesn't play sad crap in the morning). I don't want to accept the idea that it is okay to bargain away your dreams for "good enoughs". I don't want good enoughs for myself and my high school friends.

I look at us and wonder if we are already settling for less. When we graduated, we thought we were special, that we had somehow escaped the small town taint that effected most of our graduating class. Now, none of us are working in or pursuing our original career goals, we've all had to look at failure in the face, something we never had to do at Delton-Kellogg High School. Maybe the Delton Cursetm got us, too, but it does seem like "we all turned out okay".

Nothing like trying to argue a point, and having your argument actually change your mind.

Have a great day, everyone
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Stereotypical gay interests

I don't care for Dame Edna. Does that mean I have to worry that my membership in the GMA (gay men of america) will be revoked? I mean, I went on suspension when I spoke out against Barbra (as a vocalist, not as an actor/director).
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