November 10th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

The Spoontm has a new weapon

I actually found a Metal Spork. I can't wait until Friday (payday) so I can order one for me and one for my coworker Theresa, who evangelizes about how great a metal spork would actually be.

Other thoughts . . .
Had to stop by McDonald's on the way to work, as they screwed up earlier and gave me apple pies when I wanted fuckin* pies.

I actually have the air conditioning on at work. Don't tell Don. It's just for a minute to pull the moisture out of the air (it's sooo humid in here), but I thought it weird enough to share.

I'm compiling a list of Songs that would be on my CD if I ever made one. Well, I'm actually making two lists, one of songs that actually sound good in my voice, one of songs I wish sounded good in my voice(*cough* King of the World *cough*). Not that I actually think I'm recording quality or anything, but a boy can dream (and with the right computer setup . . .)

I'm working from now until noon, but since I slept until almost 2p today, I doubt I'll sleep much while I'm here. Call me if you're bored (989.772.2918), but please don't if you're going to prank me. I had kids call the MH line the other day and ask me if we rented "retards". I was very offended, but had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at their audacity.

well, that's enough of the hapgood play by play. Have a good night, kids.

*fuckin=pumpkin from a story that a friend of steffer71 related to the two of us about a little girl who misheard a lyric in Sleighride (pass around the coffee and the Fuh-Kin pie). It will be fuckin pie from here on out, if only to get a chance to tell this story over and over (you got the abbreviated I-really-don't-want-to-type-out-the-whole-debacle version)
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hedwig (by radiocure)

a wicked thought

If I manage to get the orange out of my hair, which I am now convinced is rust (ewwww), I can go as Draco Malfoy to Chamber of Secrets this week! It's not as if I don't wear my hair like that normally (I just use less goop so I have some volume). I wonder if I can make a robe out of something . . . if coell were coming up, I'm sure she could work her usual sheet magictm. Maybe I can channel her spirit for the event.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Hair we go again

According to Lana at Penney's, the orange isn't rust, it is red dye that didn't lift out. Since my hair has already suffered through two hours of bleaching, she strongly discourages me from rebleaching my ends. I guess I'll be a flaming draco! As if I weren't flaming enough!

I can't wait to go home and put more neosporin (plus pain relief!) on my scalp. I slept like shit because it is already starting to itch. In two days, I'll probably look like a dog with psoriasis. '

Where is Wade? He was supposed to come early to give me my MMPI results. GRRR
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Today was a good day to dye

So, I couldn't help myself. The looks I received in Big Apple Bagels today, when tick043, mister_biv, and I went to lunch were too much; I had to fix my hair.

Since the jury was still out on the cause of the orange streaks (no matter what Lana said), I went to Sally's and bought a Malibu treatment (for rust) and some more bleach. I love the fact that it costs $15 to get a Malibu in the salon, but I bought the gel(the actual Malibu brand, not even a generic) for $2.49! It's easier to use than hair dye, so there was no reason I couldn't do it myself. Combined with the cost of the bleach, plus the fact that I bought a small applicator bottle and a bulk bag of plastic processing caps, I still spent less than I would on the salon Malibu!

Lana was right, the Malibu had no visible effect, but at least it cleaned my hair out, making it easier for the second bleaching to take effect.

Melissa, the amazing next door neighbor, painted my bleach on in return for me dyeing her hair purple. Having her put it on helped keep it off my scalp, as I don't need more scalp burn.

In conclusion . . .
I fought the red, and the red won. It is significantly lighter; I look like a pale blonde with highlights, but I can't get all the red out. I'm happy with the result, and plan on keeping it for at least a few weeks, after which I will tone and then dye my hair back to my biological color. If I can keep from itching my scalp bloody in my sleep, I will be okay.

Have to get ready for SFU. For the next three weeks, I have to tape episodes as one of my tapes dissappeared when Mike moved to GR. It makes a good excuse to watch them, though.
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