November 18th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

I see a bad moon arisin'

In the last twenty minutes, I have had to call the oncall therapists for three counties!!!

The moon isn't even full yet, and people are already going stupid. I'm glad this is my only overnight until Friday.
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Fruit Stand (Gay)

Advertising, Schmadvertising

Okay we know advertising is extremely sexual, but who would have thought? koapthesql posted the sloganizer, a website that puts any word into popular ad slogans. Here I present my top 10 for my user name.

10. Top Breeders recommend hapgood---It's nice to know I even have word of mouth among the hetero set
9. hapgood-lickin' good---This one speaks for itself
8. Obey your hapgood---If only people would take this to heart
7. Don't you just love being in hapgood?---Lube is our friend
6. When you've got hapgood, flaunt it---Ego trip now boarding, track six
5. The too good to hurry hapgood---I feel like Barry White
4. Naughty, but hapgood---Isn't this redundant?
3. Just do hapgood---simple, but elegant
2. hapgood-The best a man can get---I didn't think I would have found one better than this, but . . .
1. It takes a tough man to make a tender hapgood---Hmm, did it just get warmer in here?

Who's up for a little truth in advertising?
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hedwig (by radiocure)

To everything, tour tour tour

I'm done with tours for the semester, officially, but I'm 14 people away from having 300 people take my tour this semester! Maybe I will sign up to help with Centralis this weekend.

I'm such a freak. Here's the breakdown

Number of tours given-17
---Standard Office tours-4
---Friday/Saturday programs-2
---Special Visits-5
---CMU and You Day-3
---Centralis(bus tours)-3

Number of people "toured"-286
---Standard Office tours-25
---Friday/Saturday programs-16
---Special Visits-92
---CMU and You Day-74

Miles logged around campus-???
Sharing my view of this campus with the world-Priceless

Big thanks to quelita, none of this would have been possible without her.

It really has been great. For every tour brat I get, I seem to be blessed with someone else who I truly connect with. On Saturday, I watched a mother and daughter share a look with each other, a look that said, "we've found where you belong" and I will carry that with me forever. This was so worth it, even though I had to wait until I was twenty-five to do it.

Goals for next semester:
-I will be more confrontational with my tour groups. If you are going to be rude to me, or people on campus, I'm going to call you on it.
-I would like to break at least 150. Spring semester has less recruitment events, but I'm going to try.
-I will solicit more admissions directors for their views on recruitment.
-I will come to terms with Betty's "fake it until we make it" philosophy.
-I will create a CMU userpic to use with posts like this!
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