November 20th, 2002

Kissing Angie (Drunk)

Could you say I have a plethora of random thoughts?

Things running through my mind . . .

---Thank you all for voting in the poll. If Don approves it, Laura is going to have me try a couple shifts to see if I like it, and residential will pay my overtime! Hell yeah!

---I signed a lease to live at the forum again next year, committing myself to staying local until May 2004. I'm moving over to B201(which is funny because Suzanne lives there right now), which is a corner apartment with an awesome layout. Who wants to visit?

---cjhowardcmu, please send me the info about the SFU casting call. How cool would that be? I could be David's internet stalker or something, and become best friends with Lisa, who is already a freak.

---I deleted my post from last night, trying to minimize my shame. It wasn't about Ben. Nothing embarassing happened, but I feel like a fool.

---Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Kalamazoo offered Mikey the job. He starts December 2nd.

---I get to visit two foster care homes I haven't been to yet today! I'm loving my time in foster care, and can't wait until I can help them more than I am now (I'm just along for the ride at the moment, not having to do any of the paperwork)
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