November 28th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

I laughed so hard, the babaganoush I was eating came right out my nose!

Events that happened today that I am thankful for . . .

-I finished The Amber Spyglass again today, which means that I'm all blotchy from crying. Those books are so beautiful and perfect, even in their complications, that I will be thinking about them for days.

-getting to see the SNL Basted in Blood segment. It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Cinder Calhoun and Sarah!

-my grandfather didn't come to dinner, so we didn't have to get to take turns being his verbal dart board. And I so wanted to pick another fight with him about me being gay. Oh well, that can wait until Christmas!

-my Aunt Debbie made this incredible pecan pie; I almost needed insulin to finish my piece. I later found out it was Martha Stewart's recipe, can't wait to try to make it myself.

-my Aunt Dina is going to try to make me the large mixing bowl I've been dreaming of. Ever since she was outsourced by GM (she receives her full salary as long as she goes to school full time (which they also pay for) or volunteers in the community forty hours a week), she has been developing her skill as a potter and as a ceramics artist. She's getting very good. It's nice to see my favorite relative enjoying her work so much after having given so much of her life to being a GM grunt.

-I saw Autumn and Darren, two of my closest friends from high school, today. We happened to be on M-43 at the same time heading home (they live in Flint now). We're having breakfast at the Hickory Inn tomorrow morning. Fire up!

-this dial-up connection isn't sucking at all, which means I can check in to see how you are doing, my lovely online friends. I miss you when I'm away, more than you'll ever know.

-there is a piece of fuckintm pie in the refrigerator calling my name. I wonder if there's cool whip.
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