December 1st, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Keeping in the "spirit" of the day

So, I'm at work now, but still have Christmas music on my mind. I'm listening to Accuradio's Holiday channel, and writing down any of the songs I want to try to download when I get home.

Help me out, what are some of your favorite Christmas songs? I decided I'm going to assemble a two or three disc collection of Christmas songs for my first week office gift (It's supposed to be under five bucks for week one, so I thought this was perfect!). I'll just call somebody tomorrow who knows my person well, to make sure I don't put anything on her discs that she hates. After that, I am compiling the master Christmas collection for myself, track list to follow after completion!
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    Accuradio---Some holiday song by U2
hedwig (by radiocure)

The antithesis of redemption

Just watched Quills. I'm disturbed by it, by the way the end result was so avoidable but also so inevitable, provided that the characters did nothing but stay who they were. Is there a lesson in this? When is a value damaging?

A fitting quote . . .
not pretty, or safe, or easy, but more than I ever knew
love within reason, that isn't love
and I learned that from you
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