December 19th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Dear LiveJournal,

No, this isn't a dear john letter, I'm not leaving you. I just wanted to say that we haven't chatted for awhile, and even though it seems like I don't love you anymore, I think of you often. I just don't have much to say, and your usually captivating boards, from friends to support to polls, just aren't doing it for me this week.

I'm sure I'll be back to you soon, spending as much time and attention on you that I have in the past. Until then, give my best to the people on my friend's list, and apologize to them for my lack of comments. If I have to post a thoughtful response, I have skipped it. Hopefully, I haven't missed anything.

See you soon.

Your less than attentive lover,
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Mental Hospital (reflection)

How do you measure a year?

While busy saying I had nothing to say, I actually realized that I do have a thought (but just one!).

A lot of people do this at this time of year, reflecting on the past 365, but seeing as yesterday was my one year anniversary at work, it sparks me to reflect on my time back in Mt P.

A year ago, Western was a done deal. My apartment was empty, my keys were turned in, and I was no longer the Graduate Assistant Hall Director of Hoekje Hall. I came back to Mount Pleasant, looking for my center and my created family that I missed deeply. In the last year, I have found so much . . .

-I came back to a town I once lived in, lived in the same building, on the same floor, and everything was completely different.

-tick043 and I will always be friends, whether seperated by a thousand miles or a few feet. It took her going to Arizona to teach me that, and it is why I'm so comfortable with her absence now.

-mister_biv is too much fun to have as just a casual friend. He stuck it out in a Mt P summer, in a situation where I would have gone mad (BCD + me=ICK which we all know), and we had a great time through it all.

-The family that is my group of friends will always grow and change. When I first returned (it's not a comeback, it's a return!), I had a hard time with that. Now, I love it! I personally can't imagine a week without curlycutie, someone I barely knew B.W. (before Western). Who else would I roll my eyes with over Jim, or roleplay being the rope with!?!

-Like most people, I do an excellent job of falling apart, and now I'm getting pretty damn good at putting myself back together!

-I learn that cats can be vampires, too!

Other thoughts are swirling, but I'm out of energy to pin them down. Maybe they will be more coherent by the obligatory end of 2002 post.
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Jesus and the Bird (religion)

Cruelly unusual: a tirade

The facts
1. When I commit to a television show, I'm seriously addicted.
2. I enjoy several tv shows on premium channels, where the series have shortened (by major network standards) seasons which start at odd times of the year.

With that said . . .<tirade>
Six Feet Under needs to knock it the fuck off with its teaser commercials, emails, etc. One more message saying that SFU is coming "soon", and I won't stop screaming until it actually premieres. "Soon" is not acceptable. I need dates and times, like "Six Feet Under will be premiering on Feb 18, 2003 at 7:23 p.m.. You have approximately 88,000 seconds left until the premiere" In my irritation, I actually took the time to estimate the math. Does that tell you how much this bothers me? At least Voyager is in a vein of great episodes right now, so I don't go completely off my rocker.

It's not like they built the greatest cliffhanger, or anything (yeah, right, like they are really going to kill Nate. He's too cute to die), but I miss the show.

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