December 21st, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)

Just like in the long distance commercials . . .

Thanks to this absolutely beautiful post by drood, I just called home and woke my father up (it's always up in the air what time he goes to bed on a Saturday night) to ask him if he liked me. If you know me well, you've probably heard one of the several stories beginning with, "I'm my father's only biological child, and, to him, this matters . . ." Because of my father's obsession with my success, I like to pretend that his approval doesn't matter to me, I guess it's compensatory. For the first time, ever, I asked him for his opinion of my life, was I a success in his eyes. To have him say yes was liberating. Since coming out to him just under three years ago, our relationship has changed a lot, even though we never talk about my sex life, we are still much more intimate with each other now that the SECRET isn't standing between us.

God, I feel great now. Like after watching a good cry movie, but great. Great enough that I'm not going to try to fix the syntaxical mess that is this post!

Goodnight, lovely ones.
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