December 30th, 2002

hedwig (by radiocure)


I admit it, I was bad at home and didn't read entries at all. But, since I'm already over 200 hundred messages back, and I'm still nowhere near being caught up, I give up. If I missed something in your life that you feel I would hate having missed, let me know.

My brief catch up

~I had the greatest call(work) on Christmas Eve. Some mom wanted me to be Santa because her daughter wouldn't go to sleep! The girl wouldn't come to the phone, but it still made me smile.

~Got stuck in the snow on Christmas morning, and screwed up my exhaust system. So, until I can afford to pay to have it fixed, I will be the guy with the loud car about Mt Pleasant.

~Home was great. My grandfather didn't come to Christmas at my aunt's, which I almost regretted. I spent my days at work before the holiday planning my argument with him. I've decided that I may not be able to control his desire to fuck with me, but that doesn't mean I can't fuck with him right back, and I no longer care what the rest of the family thinks. We all ignore him when he gets cranky, which is about 98.2% of the time, and I'm tired of it.

~I am now, officially, addicted to Felicity. There has been nothing else on tv, and a coworker did some evangelism for it. It may be trite sometimes in the relationship department, but it may be the most authentic look at college I've ever seen. When Felicity said, "College is cruel" I knew I had come home. To have my feelings validated on such a large scale is cathartic.

~I miss all of you, but I'm rethinking LJ's role in my life. It seems like I spend so much time here already, but I really want to spend more time on some of the friendships I've built here. Whether that means weeding my friends list, giving up on ever being a successful support volunteer, or whatever, I don't know. As usual at this time of year, I'm rethinking my life's direction, and as this was the first year I consider myself truly active here, I need to consider this world as well as others in which I exist.

Okay, long enough post.
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