January 27th, 2003

Mental Hospital (reflection)


They still aren't sure what happened. His autopsy is scheduled for today; he had severe internal bleeding, but they aren't sure if it was caused by a heart attack, a bowel obstruction, or one of any number of things. Carol, my internship supervisor, is leaving now to make funeral arrangements.

It's so eerie. I know that this is part of the job when working with consumers who have medical complications, and that I had to have my "first" sometime, but I didn't think it would be this soon. At the agency, I'm surrounded by people who have had to go through this several times, and I'm so thankful for their guidance.

I'm also thankful to have wonderful people like you in my life. Your words of support give me strength and make me feel priviledged to be one of you. Take time today to realize how amazing the world is because you are in it.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

The claws are coming out, and OFF!

Monette's in recovery. According to the staff person who called to tell me he was fine, he acted like an angel. I'm sure anyone that has been bitten by the "angel" (tick043, mister_biv, anyone who's ever met him) is laughing right now at the audacity of that lie.

I was worried about the anesthesia, since he has weird gastric issues. I'm so glad he pulled through.
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