February 19th, 2003

L5Y Reversed

Goodness flurries!

Fixing my exhaust---only $75.27

Not only did Dar come out yesterday, my copy of Lauren Kennedy singing Jason Robert Brown came!

Carol brought me a donut this morning, and it was amazing. Emphasis on was; the poor creature didn't suffer long.

I'm pretty sure I solved the most recent colbytaylor starfucker quiz! I'm very proud.

Even better than the donut, a Chris Cagle video was just on VH1 Country. I've grown tired of the voice, but I'll never grow tired of that body! Some days, he even gives Tim McGraw a run for his money.

Papers back in Ethics. Perfect scores on both, which really helps me feels less intimidated by Joan.

Except for the front of my thighs, the sunburn isn't irritating.

Here's to another great day!
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Weird Romance

The thing about Michigan weather . . .

Today's weather: early goodness flurries mask major shit storm.

Apparently, three parking tickets warrants The Boottm in this town!

Das Boot!!!

Nothing like spending $110 on NOTHING. Grand total for the car this month, with Insurance, exhaust, and fines? $625

Good thing February is a short month.

Earlier, I was frantic over this. Now, I've been lulled into submission by half of a tub of coconut pecan frosting (my drug of choice), and a Kahlua and Cream made with Whipping Cream. If I have another crisis, Richard Simmons is going to have to come do an intervention.

I'm sick of being at the limits of my functional tolerance all the time, where events like this send me into crisis mode. I made a counseling appointment for the week after spring break. Taking a page from my professor's book, I need to take some time to get healthy.

Good points

  • I found out that the song from 100 Girls that I like is by Save Ferris

  • Felicity is on in ten minutes

  • I still have another tub and a half of coconut pecan if I need it

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    Save Ferris---Let me in