May 12th, 2003

hedwig (by radiocure)

Finding the groove again

Okay, how about a real post, as I try to reawaken the part of me that craved livejournal, the part of me that I told to take a long hike when I was so busy this semester.

Some thoughts . . .
Saw 8 Mile this weekend. It's so Flashdance: The Next Generation. Look at it: he works a blue-collar job during the day, tries to find some creative fulfillment at night. Setbacks in his life are standing between him and happiness, and he wants to make it on his own without help from others. How is this not Flashdance? Just wait until I have time to play with Photoshop. Mr Mathers will look lovely in legwarmers!

Six Feet Under is pissing me off. I become less infatuated with it every week. At least QAF is staying relatively strong.

I got into CED 765 for this semester! Sorry, curlycutie, now we have no classes together in the fall. An end of an era.
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