June 27th, 2003

hedwig (by radiocure)

saying my goodbyes

So Children's Services is taking me to lunch to today to say thank you for "stepping up" for them. I really don't want to go, like not going to this lunch is going to make them keep me back here or something. Hey it's a free meal at the Brass Cafe.

My copy of Elegies came Monday. I may add William Finn to the list of people I would sleep with just because I respect their art. I love the song Goodbye/Boom Boom. Here's a link to it (it's about 3MB)

Tell me what you think. It isn't the greatest song ever, but I love his voice when he is doing that sort of scalar climby thing. I won't leave it up long, as it takes up most of my 5MB Web Space.

We finally have keys to the new apartment! We start moving this weekend.
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    William Finn Elegies --- Looking Up