August 8th, 2003

L5Y Reversed

Decisions Decisions

Since I have a caller determined to NOT let me sleep tonight, I thought I would post a question. I'm too lazy to make it into a poll.

If you could have either Adobe InDesign or Pagemaker, which would you pick? I'm leaning toward InDesign right now (the package is $100 cheaper). I received this email today about academic discounts for Adobe stuff and I think I'm going to jump. I can get one package (the design collection?) which has Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign for $380, or the other one (the publishing collection?) which just substitutes Pagemaker for InDesign for $480. I read some stuff which led me to believe that Pagemaker may be easier to use, but InDesign is more "artsy". I would probably use it for flyers and stuff for work (visually intensive pieces), and would like to create scrapbook pages that look awesome using Photoshop and the layout program yet to be determined at home.

So, any advice? Do any of you use either program? If I get it (which is almost a definite right now), I really want to get the RAW conversion tool for photoshop. Has anyone used it? It seems really powerful, but is kind of confusing.
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Weird Romance

Man, I'm too tired for words

I'm so giddy, that I can't stop laughing over this sentence (well, those two special words in the middle) found on

Seeking to meet a very special female who is financially secure; who understands how to really enjoy life; who is very loving, caring, sharing, understanding, very dependable, and very freaky; to establish a long-lasting relationship that would grow like a flower to blossom into a long lasting free world relationship, after I am released from prison at the end of this year.

anybody else picturing June Cleaver pulling anal beads out of Ward's ass? Well, you're picturing it now anyway.

yum, now I'm eating Taco Boy. Thank you, Ginny, for running out for lunch.
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SATC big v burger

Look out SARK, here I come

Maybe it's the fact that you use the telephone to post an audblog (no mic needed! Just call!), but it's making me want to do a SARK inspiration line sort of thing (check it out if you've never heard of it 415-546-3742). Little bits of favorite poetry, maybe even some singing, it could be fun!

Still waiting to hear from you guys, most of you anyway.
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