December 2nd, 2003

Mental Hospital (reflection)

Getting enough REM, Thanksgiving leftovers, and the sur-reality of the recycled stepmother

I have the biggest hardon over R.E.M. lately, especially the songs Night Swimming and What's the Frequency, Kenneth?. The funny thing is that I don't remember even hearing Night Swimming when Automatic for the People was first released, but my feelings over it appear nostalgic. We'll see if this will pass, otherwise Dar and Trisha will have to share their pedestal with Michael Stipe.

Thanksgiving was different. So many changes over the last year for us make for a holiday that was more about finding normalcy in tradition than anything else. Other than the actual day, the holiday was amazing. I had two super karaoke experiences, plus got to see Steph and Katie. Very nice.

Spent time with Judy, the ex-stepmother, and Stacey, the ex-stepsister. Still need to think on this; I have things to say, but I need to get them straight in my head first.
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